Our November program features a dynamic and engaging discussion with Dr. Earl Mowatt of Orlando’s onePULSE Foundation who will help us recognize actionable steps we can take to promote positive change.
Moderated by our chapter’s very own Steve Shepherd, this lively Q&A with Dr. Mowatt will help us answer questions like:
• What’s wrong with saying ‘All Lives Matter’?
• How can we facilitate tough conversations around diversity and inclusion?
• How can we as communicators embrace this movement and promote it in our workplace?
PLUS, 100% of the proceeds from this meeting will be donated to the onePULSE Foundation, a 501(c)3 incorporated by the owner of Pulse nightclub. The fund is intended to support a memorial that opens hearts, a museum that opens minds, educational programs that open eyes and legacy scholarships that open doors. Contributions directly support all of the National Pulse Memorial & Museum design, construction, land acquisition costs, operations, community education programs, and 49 Legacy Scholarships.
Learn more about the onePULSE Foundation: https://onepulsefoundation.org/