Get active in our chapter and in your local public relations community! We offer numerous opportunities to enhance your career through projects with local businesses, area nonprofits and other FPRA chapters.

For those interested in studying our profession’s theory and best practices, we offer study sessions and resources for becoming accredited in public relations (APR) or a certified public relations counselor (CPRC). If you’re a practitioner with 10 or more years’ experience, we offer regular seminars and workshops aimed at sharpening the skills you’ve already acquired through our “Studio PR” program.

In addition, the Gainesville chapter has a proud tradition of interacting with students from UF’s College of Journalism and Communications, as well as Santa Fe College and Lake City Community College, to help prepare them for future careers in public relations through networking events, interview workshops and internship placements.

Learn how you can take advantage of your FPRA membership below.



Serving on a committee provides members with the opportunity to influence key decisions and contribute to the organization’s strategic direction. It also allows them to develop valuable leadership skills and expand their professional network.

Committee Opportunities

  • Accreditation – This committee helps eligible members achieve their APR and CPRCs.
  • Communications – This committee is responsible for performing public relations functions for the chapter, including newsletters, social media, website management and more.
  • Community Relations – This committee provides programs and other communication services to the Gainesville community to help promote FPRA.
  • Educational Services – This committee liaises between the Gainesville Chapter and public relations students in North Central Florida, including Chomp.
  • Member Services – This committee is responsible for recruting new members and the retention and general service of the chapter membership.
  • Professional Development – This committee is responsible for planning and organizing an educational seminar for the membership.
  • Programs – This committee is responsible for planning the monthly luncheons, which include reaching out to potential speakers.

For more information about joining a committee, please reach out to the respective board member here.

Student Involvement


Chomp is part of a statewide organization under FPRA. The purpose of Chomp is to promote the highest standards of public relations ethics as defined in FPRA’s Code of Ethics.

It also provide forums for the effective exchange of public relations knowledge, ideas, trends and innovations while initiating educational programs concerning public relations. Chomp will strive to foster cooperation, friendship and professionalism among members, faculty, practitioners and other like-minded organizations.

Chomp is affiliated with, and will work closely with the Gainesville Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association incorporating professional relationships to help the members gain knowledge, internship/work experience and additional professional opportunities.

Chomp allows members to build professional relationships, grow industry knowledge, find internship/work experience and gain leadership opportunities.

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Leadership Opportunities


Make the most out of your FPRA membership by applying for a leadership position.


As a board member, you will have the unique opportunity to shape the strategic direction of the organization, ensuring that it aligns with your vision and values. It also enhances your leadership skills, expands your professional network, and provides valuable experience in governance and decision-making.

Committee Involvement

Joining a committee allows members to actively shape important decisions and help steer the organization’s future. It also offers a chance to build leadership abilities and connect with a broader professional community.


LeadershipFPRA provides our members with the tools they need to become stronger leaders in their organizations, their communities and FPRA. The program is formal, consisting of an orientation and five full-day sessions held over 12 months. Regardless of how new you are to the business or how long you may have practiced, this program will help you hone leadership skills good for a lifetime.