COVID-19 forced UF and UF Health staff to work closely together on a strategic plan to: 1) make and keep campus safe for returning faculty, staff and students; 2) communicate healthy behaviors and healthy best practices to ensure a safe campus. Rarely has all of campus come together to address an issue as challenging, complicated and seemingly interminable as this. As part of UF Health Screen, Test & Protect, Garrett and Selena worked collaboratively with main campus to produce videos and animations, along with a suite of materials including posters, fliers, graphics, clings, banners and more that express guidelines and best practices for healthy behaviors on campus. Selena shared a toolkit with campus communicators, who could adapt the materials to fit their specific needs. These assets were also translated into Web and video graphics, which created a cohesive and identifiable look across the suite of materials. Faculty, staff and students now recognize these materials as the trustworthy source of accurate and timely COVID-19 information. Not only did we develop these materials, but we (Selena mostly) also provided ongoing guidance on imagery, language and content as to what phrasing and wording would resonate best specific and diverse audiences.



Garrett Hall, Director of Creative Services, UF Health:
As a 20-year veteran of UF Health Communications, Garrett Hall is a big-picture thinker and visionary who believes that by harnessing our true passions and talents, we can all find our place in this world and make it better. He’s a dedicated listener and inspirational leader who challenges others to think beyond what’s always been done, and to see things from different perspectives. He values authentic emotional connection above bottom lines. He directs a nine-member creative services team of four graphic designers, two photographers, two videographers and one 2D/3D animator/illustrator. The team uses a hybrid internal/agency model, producing an annual average of 800 design/layout jobs ranging from brochures to sophisticated magazines and digital publications; 200 marketing/PR/news videos; 700 custom photographs; and 40 video animations.

Selena Carter, Creative Director, UF Health:
A nurturer by nature, Selena Carter is passionate about fostering and creating connections in all areas of her life – whether it be through her creative work or with the people around her. Throughout her career in graphic design, her belief that design can change the world has fueled her passion for exploring, cultivating, and creating connections through brand experience at every level of an organization. As Creative Director for UF Health, Selena wears many hats. She helps to develop, and guide creative vision for design and brand strategy across UF Health and in an array of media – from print and publication design to campaign and brand development. Selena leads the UF Health Creative Services graphic design team in Gainesville, but is also a dedicated resource for the many designers across UF Health and its expanding campuses. Additionally, she is an active designer and interim traffic manager for the hundreds of projects developed by her team annually. Selena is most excited when in a discovery or brainstorming session or on set, where she has the chance to collaborate with others in bringing creative vision to life.