Important Image Awards Judging Update

FPRA has recently revamped its Image and Golden Image judge scoring process to provide more specificity. The new judging instrument requires specific criteria to be met to earn an increasing level of points.

Because entrants are being asked to address additional information, the one-inch margin rule is changing to a .75 margin and the double-spacing requirement has changed to 1.5 spacing. These changes will provide entrants with the additional space needed to cover the new criteria outlined in the provided rubric. To review the new judging criteria and rubric, visit https://fpraimage.org/judging-criteria/

Once you have had time to review the new judging criteria and rubric and you are ready to submit your Image Award entry, please visit https://fpraimage.org/gainesville/. Image Award entries must be submitted by Friday, March 6, 2020. If you have any questions regarding your entry, please contact FPRA Gainesville Image Awards Director Joey Martinez at eventsfpragville@gmail.com.