You do the math…

One check
One payment
One time
Eight opportunities to hear awesome speakers and network with fellow FPRA Gainesville Members.

Starting in December FPRA will now be offering a one time payment option for all FPRA monthly programs for members.

If you can’t make it, another person from your company, an FPRA Member or a non-member whom you designate can go in your place. Buy an FPRA Gainesville Chomp and Learn Luncheon Bundle of eight luncheons for $126 before December 31, 2017, and have the convenience of submitting only one payment while receiving one luncheon for free. That is eight total luncheons for just $126.

Please be aware that the purchase must be made before December 31, 2017, and that this is a one-time payment which will not be refunded. Bundle includes all luncheon programs from January 2018 through August 2018.