A spark of imagination can change a business for the better. The Image Awards are designed to find the best campaigns and share that spark with your peers across the state.

Ready to apply? Here are five tips to make sure your Image Award is submitted correctly.

  1. Read the directions. Make sure to address all five elements of the summary: Research, Objectives, Implementation, Evaluation and Budget. Don’t gloss over any of the elements. You must provide clear, concrete information on each element.
  2. Track projects throughout the year, not just at awards time. Keep a file for notes, surveys and documentation. It will make compilation that much easier.
  • Evaluate every project as a potential entry
  • Keep good records
  • Record your objectives
  • Set quantifiable goals
  • Organize your support materials. Include survey results, proof of research, before and after samples, media clips, letters of appreciation, pertinent reference material.
  • Get audio and video files of all radio and television publicity.

3. Plan ahead to conduct research and document results. It will strengthen your work. Manage by fact. Measure your results. Alternatively, create a clear situation analysis case of factual information to clearly illustrate the need for the program or tool.

4. Put the most focus on the summary. It is 70% of your total score. Be clear, concise and factual, not just creative.

5. Review the checklist provided in the Call for Entries. Be sure all criteria are met.

  • Some part of the entry took place within the specified time frame
  • Become familiar with other chapters’ deadlines, in case you are unable to enter locally and/or you wish to enter again before Golden Image
  • Become familiar with the electronic entry process before deadline to enter
  • Entries must be submitted electronically in five separate files (two-page Summary PDF, Support Material PDF, Organizational Overview PDF, 50-word Summary PDF and one jpeg image representative of the entry)
  • Summary must be created in Word using Times New Roman font no smaller than 10 point. It must be double-spaced with a one-inch margin around the summary. It cannot be longer than two pages.
  • All support materials and AV and electronic requirements are met
  • All support materials are labeled with proper identification, division and category
  • 50-word entry summary is included
  • Name(s) to be used on the award are specified and properly spelled (limit three names).
  • Payment may be made by check and/or electronically, depending on your chapter