The Gainesville Chapter of FPRA is dedicated to promoting the profession and advancing the value of membership in FPRA by providing all members with excellent professional development opportunities through materials and seminars designed to offer educational enhancement. The Gainesville Chapter offers a variety of professional development opportunities on the local level, including:

  • Monthly Chapter Luncheons
  • Accreditation and Certification Study Sessions and Support
  • Leadership Opportunities on the Executive Board and Committees
  • “Behind the Scenes” Opportunities for Senior Professionals
  • Professional Development Seminar
  • Image Awards
  • PR Masters

FPRA also offers professional development opportunities on a regional and statewide level through activities such as:

  • FPRA Annual Conference
  • Golden Image Awards
  • LeadershipFPRA
  • Regional Professional Development Seminars
  • Counselor’s Network
  • Public Relations Site Visits
  • White Papers