January Program – The Mirage of Multitasking: Finding Your Focus, Flow and Finish Line

On January 17, we’ll welcome Scott Blades, M.Ed. to share his expertise on the Mirage of Multitasking. Scott is the Assistant Director of Training & Organizational Development for the University of Florida. This is a great topic to start the New Year and help keep those resolutions you set!

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The research is overwhelming—our brains aren’t built for multitasking. When we constantly juggle various cognitive tasks, we experience decreased productivity, impaired cognitive ability, increased stress, and diminished creativity—all of which reduce us to fractions of the effective professionals we are capable of being. Many professionals surrender to a frantic and unfocused work style out of the belief that there is no other way. The modern-day workplace simply demands us to function in this manner, right? Wrong. You will learn how to recognize and squash your multitasking tendencies and re-calibrate your approach to work. By setting clear priorities, increasing your focus, managing your time and effort, reducing physical and mental clutter, executing on what matters most and giving yourself space to be innovative, you can elevate your performance and put yourself on the path to greater productivity.

Networking starts at 11:30 and the program begins at noon.

Sweetwater Branch Inn is located at 625 East University Avenue, Gainesville.

All FPRA Members can prepay at the member rate of $20 or pay $25 at the door. Non-members can reserve their spot for $25 or pay $30 at the door.

If you would like more information, email or call Joey Martinez at (904) 392-6206.