Generation Z – Are You Ready to Connect?

Please join us on September 19 for answers to: Generation Z – Are you ready to connect?

Michael “Mickey” Howard, Associate Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications at UF Division of Student Affairs, knows how.

Speaker Mickey Howard

“Millennials are old news. Gen Z is here and wants to engage in totally different ways from previous generations. Learn about what makes them tick, what they call BS on, and how you can adjust your marketing to reach them.”


As a student development specialist by education, Michael “Mickey” Howard’s expertise lies in making complex concepts or processes into smaller, understandable ideas. He helps to lead the communication and marketing strategy for the University of Florida’s Division of Student Affairs.  Specifically he works with the Dean of Students Office including new student orientation, student conduct, the U Matter, We Care initiative, Multicultural and Diversity Affairs and Housing & Residence Education. He manages the creative team for Student Affairs including photography, videography, and social media. Mickey has been a featured keynote at a variety of local, state and national conferences on topics including Generation Z, Team Development, and Marketing Strategy.  Outside of his day-to-day work he loves finding new ways to empower students to both make the most of their collegiate experience and to find new ways to connect out of the classroom experiences to future career goals.

Originally from Massachusetts, Mickey has worked for University of Florida since 2011. He holds a Bachelor Degree in History from Bridgewater State University (MA) and a Master Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of South Florida.