Beyond Logistics: Event planning for Strategic Outcomes & Relationship Building

There is much attention given to the planning and logistical details necessary for any event — whether it’s for celebrating, fundraising, membership building or raising awareness. La’Zendra will share a deeper look into how objectives, roles and stakeholders drive the plan to success.

La’Zendra Danforth is the Director of Event Planning for the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. With over 15 years of experience, La’Zendra serves as the coordinator of all events hosted by the College of Pharmacy, at the Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Orlando, FL campus. She works very closely with the Dean’s Office, Student Affairs, Development and Alumni Affairs to plan, coordinate, and execute events that represent the Gold Standard of the College and the University. She also serves on the board for the Central Florida Chapter of Society of Government Meeting Planners. Prior to joining the College of Pharmacy team, La’Zendra has worked in the private and corporate sectors of special events. She holds a bachelor degree from Brevard College and a Master’s Degree in Hospitality & Tourism from the University of Florida. Planning events is definitely a passion for La’Zendra. She shares her passion with the world and her heart with her husband Brian and two boys, Stephen & Braxton.