Thank you to everyone who joined us at last Saturday’s event, a free one-day workshop hosted by FPRA and PRSSA for area high school students who got to learn about academic majors and careers in public relations and communications. A great big thank you to the following FPRA and PRSSA colleagues for presenting great information, networking and guidance to area high school students!

  • Alisha Kinman
  • Steve Shepherd
  • Ben Tobias
  • Jeff Stevens
  • Kevin Coulson, APR
  • Art Forgey
  • Joan Moore
  • Carlee Marhefka
  • Nikki Dankers
  • Laurel Ring
  • Darian Daniels
  • Frank Avery
  • Ardyst Zigler
  • Carolina Rodrigues Garcia
  • Jenna Gray
  • Jordan McCrary
  • Diane Choate, APR
  • Jen Homard

Kimberly Buchholz, the mastermind¬†behind this workshop, said, “Thanks for being the kind of PR pros who get as geeked up about mentoring young people as I do.”

Weimer Stadium

Ben Frank Avery Jeff Stevens Kevin Lunch PRSSA Steve and Laural Steve