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When you join the Florida Public Relations Association, you become a member of both the state association and local chapter and receive many benefits as a result of these networks.

As a member of an association dedicated to improving the professional competence of the individual public relations practitioner, membership in FPRA is a sound professional investment.

Benefits of Membership

  • Professional Development is at the core of our mission as an organization. Continuing education programs affording members the opportunity to develop their professionalism to the highest degree.
  • Professional Accreditation and Certification is designed to offer members the opportunity to achieve the internationally-recognized ranks of Accredited in Public Relations (APR) and Certified Public Relations Counselor (CPRC).
  • Monthly Luncheons offer networking and professional development opportunities on a local level. Hear relevant speakers, exchange career experiences and conduct general chapter business.
  • Annual Conference offers members the opportunity to stay in touch with professionals from throughout the nation, stay current on activities and events that have an effect on the profession and to enjoy the fellowship of other professionals.
  • Awards Programs include FPRA’s Local and Golden Image Awards which are conducted annually and recognize outstanding public relations activities in Florida.
  • State resources: Looking for best practices, white papers, information about professional development and other public relations resources? Visit the state FPRA website and look under “Active Members” for a listing of downloadable resources, an events calendar and more.

Student Memberships

FPRA welcomes student members. For only $30 a year, you can have the opportunity to develop relationships with seasoned public relations professionals. Additional benefits include scholarships for annual conference, networking opportunities for career placement and a monthly luncheon with prominent professionals. Some of our FPRA members are recruiting candidates for internships and jobs, so please join today! We guarantee you will get something out of your membership.

Scholarships Available

FPRA Gainesville offers the James Terhune Membership Scholarship for recent UF graduates and the Kim Faenza Membership Scholarship for non-profit employees. Both cover membership for a qualified individual for one year. Applications are available in October of each calendar year.

For more information:

Vice President/Member Services
Joey Mazzaferro
Public Relations Specialist II, UF College of Design, Construction and Planning


Visit to renew your membership.